Inktober is here!

Inktober 2017 1.jpg

Inktober is an exercise in doing an ink drawing or painting every day in October.

I'm taking this opportunity to work on drawing from life, which I've neglected for some years. And it happens I am planning a painting that requires several well-painted hands. So I've started out the month with drawing my hands. left hand...since I can only draw with my right hand.

Today's was #4, and while it doesn't make a lot of sense spatially, it is by far the best drawn one yet....clearly I'm out of shape!

Study in Scarlet

That's the name of a great Sherlock Holmes story, and from it the title of one of my small pieces in the Seasonal Creeks of Ukiah series.

It struck me that it would be fun to turn the spectrum inside out and paint nature as if we were on a planet where, well, the light was reversed and we saw the complementary a blue sky would be orange, a wide range of green leaves and grasses would be a wild range of reds, etc...

Yes, it WAS a lot of fun, and it turned out to be a lot of fun on the wall as well. You can see it for another couple of weeks as part of my show at Mo Mulheren's office at 304 N State St, Ukiah.

SCOU Study in Scarlet.jpg

First Friday Artwalk in Ukiah!

SCOU Doolin Creek WEB.jpg

Last minute offer I couldn't refuse: to participate in THIS Friday's First Friday Artwalk. With five days notice, I'm so grateful for all the years I did open studios, curated shows at restaurants, etc...lots to do but no stress, just working through the mental lists of what to do when.

So the details: mostly small works, mostly new work, a smattering of older pieces that complement the new. Location is 304 N State Street in Ukiah, Mo Mulheren's Connect office. Artwalk runs from 5 - 8 PM with many locations in downtown participating, with food and drink. Don't let the triple digit heat keep you away!


 Presentiment, acrylic and collage on canvas, 11" x 14", copyright 2017

Presentiment, acrylic and collage on canvas, 11" x 14", copyright 2017

The latest piece in the Seasonal Creeks of Ukiah, Presentiment features a collaged printout of a photo taken in 1976 of me carrying my mom. I had told her, "you carried me 9 months; the least I can do is carry you 20 feet!"
As it happened, during the last 9 months of her life, in essence I did carry her, enabling her to remain at home to the end and for us to have developed a deep emotional intimacy.

Two New Paintings Finished

SCOU Heartwood.jpg

The first two paintings in The Seasonal Creeks of Ukiah are Heartwood and The Opening of Wildflower Season.

Heartwood is 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas.

The Opening of Wildflower season is 11" x 14" acrylic on canvas.

SCOU Wildflower Season is Open Small.jpg

On the Easel....

 Trees and Water 2 In Proces

Trees and Water 2 In Proces

I'm working from some local reference photos of seasonal creeks but wanting to keep some of the movement and ambiguity I tapped into with the Velocity project. This is very much "work in progress"!

Welcome to Zanshin Art Fine Arts

This is the long overdue sister site to the Zanshin Art custom martial arts sewing site, fulfilling the concept of Zanshin Art: fine and applied arts. 

It also introduces Janet Rosen's new role as a founding member of the Deep Valley Arts Collective. As this is written, we are a small core group, providing mutual support while we brainstorm our goals and take first steps to working together.

There will be a slow roll out on this site as older work, documented on slides, gets digitized and added. Thank you for being here.

 Sunset over Lake Erie; acrylic & oil pastel on artist board, copyright 2017

Sunset over Lake Erie; acrylic & oil pastel on artist board, copyright 2017