March 2019: distorted grid

This is a playful exercise in gridding from a reference photo but purposely distorting the grid you draw into. It’s a combination of intense, focused work and delightful results. Graphite on paper.

Reference photo: a publicity still of Olivia deHavilland and Errol Flynn in “Dodge City”


February 2019: charcoal drawing

I’ve been taking a Drawing class at Mendocino College to carve out time to work on charcoal and graphite technique.

This is a tonal study in charcoal of a piece of cow skull.


January 2019: Conversing with Jo and Holly

A small version of this 24” square is titled “Chasing the Moon.” However, the reference photograph is courtesy of my friend, Jo Adell, and the canvas came heavily pretextured, being part of a cache of used canvases worked on by the late Holly Cratty yet not part of her chosen body of work.
As the new year opens, my aim is to do a series in which rather than obliterating Holly’s marks and textures I find a way to collaborate with her.

Conversing With Jo and Holly.jpg

December 2018: Morning Sun Chases Full Moon

In late November I started a new series of paintings based on photographs of the sky as day opens or closes, This is the first one, from a reference photo taken some years ago as I stepped out into the driveway to fetch the morning newspaper.

Morning Sun Chasing Full Moon.jpg

November 2018: Tiny "Fog Rothko" pieces

In 1997-1998 I worked on a series of 24” x 16” paintings under the heading “Pacific,” though in reality I referred to them as my Fog Rothkos. Each day on leaving the house I would look west to Ocean Beach and memorize three colors: sky, fog, water.

When I was deciding on small pieces to make for my Open Studio, the little 5” x 2.5 - 3” Claybord samples I had recalled the dimensions of the Pacific series. These are two of the tiny paintings I made. They were a lot of fun!

Fog Rothkos.jpg

October 2018: Open Studio coming up!

I’ll be doing my first Open Studio since moving to Ukiah, on Saturday November 10, from 11 AM to 4 PM. It’s very exciting. There are lots of recent paintings to show, a selection of older landscapes from around the area that many folks have not seen before, and now I’m making a batch of very small decorative pieces. It also means the carpets get cleaned, the house gets cleaned….

FB Event Cover.jpg