May 2018: Velocity Lakeville Highway N Nov 17 2014 #2

Seeing the greater level of detail and the range of tonalities achievable in scaling up from 8" x 10" to 24" x 30" astounds me each time I see one on the wall. Numbers 1 and 2 are hanging in the dining room, # 3 is on the easel, and I'm beginning to think about where to try to get them exhibited later this year.

Velocity Lakeville Hway N Nov 17 2014 #2 medium.jpg

April 2018: Large Velocity PROJECT StartS

Having started small with the original Velocity series (8" x 10" each) and then gained confidence with the first couple of Velocity 101 N series, I started this month working on larger (24" x 30") versions of the original series. As I write, the first is done and #2 is in process on the easel.
Following the nomenclature used on the Velocity 101 N series, this is Velocity Lakeville Highway N Nov 17 2014 #1.
If you are in Ukiah area on Saturday, May 19, stop by the Plaza and say hello; I will be taking part in the Pastels in the Plaza event.

Velocity Lakeville Hway N Nov 17 2014 #1.jpg


On January 19, 2018, while I was riding the bus north between Santa Rosa and Ukiah, once again the late afternoon sun began to create odd reflections and mirrors through which I could view the rapidly passing landscape. Transfixed, I took a series of the photos.

This first piece is titled Velocity 101 N Jan. 19 2018 #1. Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20". Work continues on this new series and I'm also doing larger versions of the original Velocity series.

February 2018: Above the Smoke

The Redwood Valley painting is done and has a title. I have decided that making giclee or other archival types of prints and framing them to raise funds for the ongoing needs of those displaced by the fire will be too costly - in terms of my outlay and in terms of their affordability.

I am going to see about doing inexpensive photo prints popped into inexpensive frames, which raises the possibility not only of selling more of them to raise funds, but also that I will be able to donate the costs of the prints and framing and donate the gross rather than the net. We shall see how test runs look....

Above the Smoke completed print size 10 x 8 inches.jpg